Live Workshops

Boost Your Energy!  Chakra Yoga for confidence, creativity and focus    

This Chakra Yoga workshop gives you experiential tools for discovering and understanding the Energy system within your body. Yoga poses have a profound effect on the physical body and the energetic body.  Boost and conduct your energy body to a place of increased confidence, creativity and focus.

Practicing Yoga with the chakras benefits your confidence by giving you tools of self awareness.  Open expression with the chakras and feel your creative process grow.  Avoid distracting thoughts by focusing your energy on specific chakras.  Using a Hatha Yoga series (all levels), mudras (hand shapes) and an Arts Integrated process, come prepared to learn about the chakra system and boost your energy into new places. 

Video Marketing and Broadcasting Workshop

Cover the basics of using video to market yourself online. To be effective, it has to be part showbiz- really it does!  I help you find your style of pizazz and get you communicating with your clients.  We'll discuss the equipment needed, best practices, and free or inexpensive tools that will help you shine. We will demonstrate "Facebook Live," an exciting tool that allows anyone to broadcast to a live audience through their Facebook page. Live video is an excellent tool for building a loyal following that can turn into customers who know you as a person or a brand!