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Are you a Creative Entrepreneur?  Together, we can focus your story.

A Jazz singer, Yoga facilitator, Jazz Presenter, Solo-preneur.  Nanette Perrotte was raised in Amsterdam Holland and Orlando Florida before attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music where she received her BA in Jazz Composition and Arranging with a principal instrument of Voice.  This course of study was the fulfillment of a childhood spent singing and performing that continues on as a professional vocalist.  

Perrotte’s Masters Degree in Education from Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts focused her work on Arts as a tool to learn about and experience cultural diversity. 

Recently Perrotte has been traveling with her internationally recognized father who is a chef and Continental Director of the Americas WACS.  These travels to South America, South Korea and France have been part of witnessing Louis Perrotte’s work using fine cuisine as cultural diplomacy. 

Perrotte has a 500 hour advanced Yoga certification, TRX training certification, CPR certification and has completed the Springboard Training of the Creative Education Foundation.

Favorite Song

Azure, composed by Duke Ellington, sung by Ella Fitzgerald 1957

Favorite Yoga pose


Vocal Range

Mezzo Soprano


Jazz Lectures

We cannot thank you enough for bringing The Queen of Swing to our beautiful Asa Waters Mansion.  My daughter was enlightened and educated on the great Ella, for most of us, it was a great way to go down memory lane.  Friends of the Asa Waters Mansion

After Nanette presented her Ella Fitzgerald program at our library, I was accosted by numerous audience members, insisting that I have her back to do her Duke Ellington program. I complied. After she presented her Duke Ellington program, I was again accosted by the audience, demanding her return for "Paris Noir." I will comply! I just hope she can come up with a fourth program in enough time to subdue the masses after that one   Community Outreach Coordinator

Tonight's event featuring Nanette Perrotte drew more than 80 people to the Hancock Town Library. It was a wonderful program. I even got a little verklempt when everyone in the room sang along to several of Ella's songs. Most knew every nuanced note and lyric. We'll be doing more jazz in the months to come. Watch for an evening with Duke Ellington in the fall...  Library Director

Thank you for a great week of jazz and teaching.  You have an incredible gift of being able to communicate not only the subject but your deep passion and identification with music/jazz.  THANKS!  Coordinator Road Scholar Programs

"I felt like I was there"  Audience member Ella Fitzgerald- The Queen of Swing

Thank you for an entertaining and educational evening on Louis Armstrong at the Hancock Town Library. My friend Sharon and I enjoyed it so much. What fun! Armstrong was always one of my favorites growing up watching Ed Sullivan, Danny Kaye and other entertainment shows. Loved his spirit and radiating smile and presence. Thanks for sharing his story and making it fun.  MW,audience member


Mindful Leadership & LUX Lifestyle


Nanette's LuxLifestyle Course was a game changer for me. So much so, I have become motivated to pay off my student loans, travel, and signed up for yoga training.  Her weekly video sessions are positive and really get one to think outside the box.

Conversations made me feel supported, every now and then we did mindful practice to center ourselves - so focus was throughout all the day; creative thinking; clarity.

Arrived in the session hoping that for things to be well within me after having a bad start to the conference. I will have to leave the session feeling less of the heaviness I walked in with and that's exactly what happened.

Loved her manner and expertise; genuine; talents; respectful.

The flow; opportunity to share and discuss; practice physical focus; inclusion of musical expertise; created a safe environment to go outside my comfort zone; could be week long, though content was perfect for a day session.



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From Jazz to Dickinson to Entrepreneurship  Focus a Jazz inspired lens on your work. From the free flowing improvisational lines of Jazz to the precision of Emily Dickinson's poetry to the risks of being an entrepreneur- travel the stories and events that shaped some of America's greatest creatives.  Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Ella Fitzgerald and Emily Dickinson are the stories that inform your path of work progress.  In this Keynote Nanette covers:

  • Arts- Culture-Music
  • Business
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration

Multi-media Jazz Presentations

Ella Fitzgerald- The Queen of Swing The singer all singers call the best. The story of a young woman who against impossible odds achieved fame as a Jazz singer by the age of seventeen. At that young age she found herself at the heart of The Harlem Renaissance and American Jazz. She would go on to perform around the world for another 58 years.

Duke Ellington and the Harlem Renaissance  The Duke. Composer, dreamer, businessman. Genius interpreter of Big Band Swing and the Harlem Renaissance moment – melody maker and aficionado of putting on the Ritz – Sir Duke.

Paris Noir- Bricktop, Baker and Porter Jazz era Paris- risqué, exciting. Saloon host and doyenne of cafe society, Ada Bricktop hosted luminaries such as Cole Porter, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and F. Scott Fitzgerald at her Montmartre hot spot Chez Bricktop. Josephine Baker arrives on the shores of France in La Revue Negre, Cole Porter pens the lyrics and melodies of this bright young time in word history.

Jazz- In the beginning there was Satchmo Louis Armstrong. Grandson of slaves, iconic trumpeter and vocalist brings Jazz from the brothels of Storyville, New Orleans to the bright lights of New York City. Kid Ory, King Oliver and Fletcher Henderson were players in Armstrong's influential rise to stardom while the Chicago and New York mob fought over this charismatic Jazz star.

Live Workshops

Boost Your Energy!  Chakra Yoga for confidence, creativity and focus    

This Chakra Yoga workshop gives you experiential tools for discovering and understanding the Energy system within your body. Yoga poses have a profound effect on the physical body and the energetic body.  Boost and conduct your energy body to a place of increased confidence, creativity and focus.

Practicing Yoga with the chakras benefits your confidence by giving you tools of self awareness.  Open expression with the chakras and feel your creative process grow.  Avoid distracting thoughts by focusing your energy on specific chakras.  Using a Hatha Yoga series (all levels), mudras (hand shapes) and an Arts Integrated process, come prepared to learn about the chakra system and boost your energy into new places. 

Video Marketing and Broadcasting Workshop

Cover the basics of using video to market yourself online. To be effective, it has to be part showbiz- really it does!  I help you find your style of pizazz and get you communicating with your clients.  We'll discuss the equipment needed, best practices, and free or inexpensive tools that will help you shine. We will demonstrate "Facebook Live," an exciting tool that allows anyone to broadcast to a live audience through their Facebook page. Live video is an excellent tool for building a loyal following that can turn into customers who know you as a person or a brand!

Upcoming 2017

January 5, 5pm, Facebook Live with nutritionist Ruth Clark.  Topic: This is your body on Sugar! click here

January 25 6-8:30pm, Video Marketing & Broadcasting, Dublin Community Center NH. 

February 4, Ella Fitzgerald- The Queen of Swing, Burlington Public Schools, Public show 6pm, MA

February 8, noon-2:30, Video Marketing & Broadcasting, online Webinar!

February 11, 10:30am, Instagram Live with Culture to Table solo-preneur Jessica Ramos

Topic: Culture through Food! click here

March 11, 1-2:30pm, Video Marketing & Broadcasting, NH Writer's Project, SNHU, Manchester, NH

March 22, 6-8:30pm Video Marketing & Broadcasting, Monadnock Women2Women Business Group, Keene, NH

March 27, 7-8:30pm, Jazz of the Harlem Renaissance, Private venue, Orlando, Fl

April 23-30, LUX LIFESTYLE Enrollment Opens

April 25, 7pm, Ella Fitzgerald-The Queen of Swing, Private venue, Danvers, MA

April 26, 6-8:30pm, Video Marketing & Broadcasting, Hillsborough NH Chamber of Commerce

May 8- June 16, LUX LIFESTYLE Academy Spring Session begins!

May 7, 2pm, Ella Fitzgerald-The Queen of Swing, Private venue, Millbury, MA

May 10, 7pm Face Book Live Dual Broadcast with Halvorson New Media, Topic: Branding

May 17, noon-2:30, Video Marketing & Broadcasting, online Webinar!

May 29, 7pm, The Great Jazz Female Vocalists, Private venue, Orlando, Fl

June 16, LUX LIFESTYLE Academy Spring Sessions Ends

June 20, 12:30pm, Jazz: In the Beginning there was Satchmo, Private Venue, Litchfield, NH


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