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Are you someone who wants to focus, study and implement a lifestyle that fits who you are in this moment?
You have or need a vision of a new lifestyle- but need clarity and accountability to make that vision a reality?

Do you ask yourself:

What is the next thing I'd like to do in my life?

Do I have a concrete vibrant vision so that I can be fulfilled and energized?

What do I need to do – to get to where I want to be next?


LUX LIFESTYLE: BusinessLife is a 3 week online course and coaching program that teaches you the steps to:

  • Identify your change-

  • Organize your ideas and study their viability-

  • Catapult into action-

  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs-

  • Set realistic expectations- realize your vision...but do it with a clear plan

LUX LIFESTYLE: BusinessLife moves you into action and boosts your confidence - so that you can start sharing your vibrant message with the world!

Who is Nanette?

LUX LIFESTYLE- Created by Nanette Perrotte. Nanette teaches her best pro-tips from 20+ years working as a voice coach, yoga teacher, college professor, Jazz lecturer and solo-preneur with performing artists, writers and creative entrepreneurs- just like you!  She comes from two generations of family of entrepreneurs in the service industry.

Nanette knows what it's like to have that entrepreneurial desire- to live life to it's fullest potential and, at different points of life, question what it is you should be doing NOW.  In 2000, she created and ran Creative Building Blocks- an arts integrated program for pre-school students.  At the same time, she built a private voice studio and gigged in Jazz clubs throughout New England with the Nanette Perrotte Combo.  In 2015 she left teaching college to travel the USA as a Jazz Lecturer and create and teach a highly successful Video Marketing & Broadcasting Course with Halvorson New Media. 

Nanette's creative entrepreneurial journey answers that same siren call that YOU hear too.

I hear you.  I believe you.

What is the class like?

LUX LIFESTYLE: BusinessLife gives you workable starting points and breaks it all down for you in the online course videos, live office hours and downloadable worksheets.


3 weeks of coaching with Nanette - including office hours!

How do I apply for the class?

Are you ready to catapult with CONFIDENCE into the next part of your life? 

LUX Lifestyle: BusinessLife is for the motivated individual ready to amplify their passions and pursue a goal, vision or project.

If this is YOU, fill out the info and click below.  Next class begins January, 2018.

Tuition for Lux BusinessLife 3 week class is $197.00!

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