Amazon Prime Day Starts today at 3pm EST- LUX top picks!

Thrilled (can you tell??) to buzz LUX Beauty Blog faves by you again... and a NEW FAVE for YOU on this glorious Amazon Prime Day!

Rosewater Spray was the favorite of CLEOPATRA.  Ok- if it was good enough for CLEO...then boom! I'll join her TRIBE.  Rosewater comes from roses distilled for their oils- it’s the water that's left behind.  It's hydrating, soothing and astringent- I love the smell too!  Click here to check it out!


Jojoba Oil is the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant, native to southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico (HEY! it works in REALLY DRY climates).  Jojoba oil moisturizes like nothing I've tried! Click here for more details!


Curious about dry brushing?  Since surgery 3 months ago- this has been a GO TO to release inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and improve circulation!  This wood brush has firm, natural bristles to use on dry skin before showering.  The technique is:  brush towards your heart starting at feet and hands.  I do five brushes in one spot working my way up my legs, then start at my hands and do the same.  Click here and get brushing!


Turmeric.  I've been taking it as a supplement for joint pain/inflammation, it brings so much to the table in the whole process!  Click here for the Amazon PRIME DAY link!


Happy PRIME Day!  Deals start at 3pm EST 7/16!  Links in LUX Beauty Blog are my Amazon affiliate links.  I share only what I use and love.  My mission is to research and serve you with heart-fully created products that are fun and enlivening.  Thanks for your support!