Your Sexy Skin


All natural self care that works seamlessly into the week?  Hooray!

Using these sexy skin buddies regularly is super easy!  It’s simply wonderful to refresh the skin on your body to reveal its silky-ness- fuss free.

This is what I'm loving this month!

Get a rosy post shower glow with this Sea Salt Scrub that removes dead skin cells to reveal your supple soft skin beneath.  The cucumber is sooo refreshing, the Argan and jojoba oils leave your skin moist, velvety and in no way oily.

Sea Salt Scrub has been time tested!  In ancient Egypt, Europe and Asia, women gathered weekly to relax, bathe and gossip while they scrubbed their bodies.  Don't you wish we still did that?

Japanese bath

Japanese bath

This refreshing Sea Salt Scrub arrived from Amazon super well packaged to avoid leaking.  It comes with a cute wood mixing spoon to mix the salts and oils.  After mixing, I let it sit overnight and the next day it was ready to go at shower time!  I've been exfoliating with it once a week, my husband loves it as well!

Dry brush Check it out   HERE!

Dry brush Check it out HERE!

Curious about dry brushing?  Me too, I’m thrilled to finally be doing it!  Wow- talk about a fun burst of energy.  This wood brush has firm, natural bristles that you use on dry skin before showering.  The technique is:  brush towards your heart starting at feet and hands.  I do five brushes in one spot working my way up my legs, then start at my hands and do the same.

LUX Beauty Friends: errrrrybody did dry brushing in history- Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Turks.  Some of it's benefits: strengthens the immune system, detoxes the body, stimulates blood flow, improves circulation.

Egyptian woman dry brushing

Egyptian woman dry brushing

You can literally see dead skin cells flake off- but don't brush too hard! This brush arrived in a cute little sack to hang in the bathroom.  It has a sweet description of the technique on a card as well.  In the morning it gets the circulation going- I have been dry brushing 4-5 times per week.  Heads up- dry brushing is addicting!

How to wrap up this delicious skin experience? Let’s dish about this Argan oil based lotion.  There are a few others I tried (pricier with nice packaging), but I have to say, this one is the most simple and clean on my skin.

This light lotion absorbs easily, is non greasy and non irritating.  It soothed my winter ravaged skin, was heaven on my cracked heels at night and made my winter dry skin a thing of the past.  After exfoliation, the nutrients in Argan oil absorb easily into your skin. It has no scent, so add your fave essential oils.  Love it, love it love it.  Hubby loves it too!

Argan is known as “liquid gold” (darn right!) due to its high Vitamin E and fatty acids.  Argan Oil comes from nut kernels in the Moroccan Argan Tree.

Goats standing in an Argan tree

Goats standing in an Argan tree

The lotion arrived from Amazon well packaged to prevent leaking.  The pump didn't work, which I had read other shoppers had experienced, so I was ready.  I opened it, swirled the pump around, left the top tilted open overnight, and voila…it worked the next day.  One comment said the company even sent her a new pump!  But if it gives you trouble, just give it a little help and it should be fine.

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