Glowing skin- OH MY!

It's winter here in gorgeous New Hampshire- winter means my skin becomes dry, dull, no sparkle...yikes!  For facial skin that FEELS and LOOKS great (I've tried MANY moisturizers: drugstore brands, pricey stuff), I gotta say, this is what works for me.


Three things help my skin in these winter months:  Thermal Spring water, Jojoba Oil, and Rosewater Spray.  Simple!

Thermal Spring Water came my way from my French Auntie: Marie Louise.  My four French aunts have GLORIOUS, CREAMY skin and are all over the age of 68.  Auntie Marie Louise took me to the Pharmacy and whipped this water spray off the shelf saying: "Voila Nanette! Anti-ageing!  I know when Marie Louise says something, I DO IT.  And mon dieu! has she been right.  I'll lend her to you as an honorary French Auntie.  For the water she picked, Click here or on the image below!

Jojoba Oil is the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant, native to southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico (HEY! it works in REALLY DRY climates).  Jojoba oil moisturizes like nothing I've tried- no dry patches, my wrinkles (I love them, but they gotta be SPRINGY, SUPPLE and CUTE!) are much smoother! Click here or on the photo below for more details!

Rosewater Spray was the favorite of CLEOPATRA.  Ok- if it was good enough for CLEO...then boom! I'll join her TRIBE.  Rosewater comes from roses distilled for their oils- it’s the water that's left behind.  It's hydrating, soothing and astringent- I love the smell too!  Click here or on the photo below to check it out!

Here's my process:  At night: remove makeup, spritz with thermal water, pat dry with soft cotton make up pad (doesn't have to be DRY, just dab the drops).  Spritz with Rosewater, let sink in for a minute or two while I brush my teeth.  Massage 6 drops of Jojoba oil on my face and neck. Nighty night.

In the morning: Look in the mirror and say "Hello gorgeous!"  Then, spritz face with thermal water, dab with makeup pad lightly.  Spritz Rosewater, let sink in.  Massage 4 drops of Jojoba oil on my neck and face.  VOILA!  I'm ready for makeup!

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