Snap Chat- the 8 second love story

It started with the flower head-garland filter.  Then moved on to the puppy with the wagging tongue filter.  

I was hooked on the technology, but equally hooked on the fun.

Snap Chat- the social media giant started by two millennials, Evan Thomas Spiegel and Robert Cornelius "Bobby" Murphy- has become my go to social media tool.

In the beginning, Snap was for “the kids”.  They posted a series of 8 second clips that disappeared in 24 hours, and while your were at it, you could create a secret personality- your folks would never know because Snap Chat is and was really hard to figure out.

I joined Snap Chat a year ago, just for fun…but not really.  In my coaching business, I have a large following of Millennial and Generation Z .  Facebook and Instagram, what I call the “polite” platforms, are visited by them but with restraint.  To them, Facebook is so fold-your-arms-look-serious and Instagram has high demands of epic imagistic beauty…did Snap Chat offer something different that these young followers needed from me?

It does, and it’s amazing.

Snap Chat is where Millennials and Generation Z go to see what you are really like.  What is your house like, what is your closet like, what do you eat (and they LOVE food), what do you do for entertainment, what daily experiences do you have?  What is your workout routine?  How do you put on your make up?  

Then there is the car seat Snap.  You’re sitting in your car (the BEST lighting btw) riffing on what just happened in line at Whole Foods.  Or, you have your phone mounted on your dashboard as you are on a cross country drive listening and singing along to 80’s pop or Drake.

There is the love of amplifying experiences on Snap Chat.

One of the most popular Snap storylines is the workplace Snap.  Millennials love to Snap the snacks they have at work (The Skimm, another giant started by two millennial females, reigns supreme on that one), the locally crafted beers they have at their desks on Fridays, the fitness trainer who comes in to teach kettlebell technique, the putt-putt game each Wednesday.  This generation luckily doesn’t just to go work in a cubicle…they go to work to experience stuff.

Now, Snap Chat is taking on a new audience: the stay at home moms (the Pinterest crowd!) have become addicted to the silly Snaps and the Snaps their fitness gurus film of their daily workout routine…what does Chalene Johnson’s home gym look like?  What does she eat?  What does her closet look like?  How does she put on her make up?

Sound familiar?

This article by Nanette appeared in the June 2017 edition of the NH Business Journal.  FYI my Snap Chat name is @nanetteperrotte.