The Wyrm in the Mind

I could turn around and go home.  Leaden legs dragging as I walked, my breathing choked.  It had stalked me all day, circling around in the early morning hours, then reminding me it was interested as I found a moment of joy in the afternoon.  Now, the Dragon that slithered in my orbit was coming for me.

Inside the building, women are meeting.  A group united in a common power filled entrepreneurial cause.  I have invested a year in bonding with them- a powerful clan that spies bullshit a mile away and does not suffer fools lightly.  I love these women, love being a part of their tribe- I need this clan in my life right now.

Slithering Dragons?  That’s right, my dragon foamed at the mouth as I walked through the evening parking lot to the double glass doors that opened to my clan.  It delighted knowing that it could eat up space in my head and stop me in my tracks.

Welcome to my Dragon.  Unlike the dragon in storybooks, my Wyrm is a slithering mind Dragon. The reptile that turns a rational thinker into a paranoid shrivel.  I’ve battled this creature before, so I know it’s a good idea to have a moment of fear when it breathes into you.  My dragon was circling, looking for a kill.  

Dragons do real damage- a deadly soul crushing kind of damage- and they do it in a instant.  Like a whip, like a cobra- Snap!  You’re stung stupid.  They leave with their sickly stinging poison in your blood- it never goes away.  You just get used to the taste and the sting.

Stepping up to the doors, a voice I had heard earlier in the day resonated in my ears. I’ve never met the owner of this voice in person by the way.  The voice said: When facing the Dragon, you must have courage. Courage is your shield.  Courage.

The aegis of Courage gave me power to pull the door open and step inside.  I wish I could say I brandished my shield bravely, like Athena, the shining warrior goddess…but the reality is I stepped in blindly, everything was blurry, my ears were ringing, my eyes couldn’t focus.


I looked up.  The haze in my eyes cleared to reveal the faces of my clan- smiling and happy to see me.  The dragon wasn’t there.  It had slithered back into it’s dark dungeon.

I know my foe will return, because Wyrms have been here for eternity.   

But tonight Dragon, I won.  And Dragon, I will win again and again and again.