Lightning Has Hit

You are someone who has never invested time and energy in your creativity.  Ok- how do you start?

First, there is an awareness that things have changed in your mind, that things as they have been are no more.


Your treadmill of life feels restricted.  You are not content.  You’re hungry and you’re angry.

To get to that moment, a lightening bolt has to hit.  Maybe it’s heading to rehab or cancer.  Your 50th birthday, a moment of loneliness, a certain slant of light winter afternoons…

When that moment comes- you have no choice but to listen.  Try to ignore, it comes right back and slaps you- I’m still here!  You can turn off the TV, but that crashing still reaches your brain.  It still stings and you are even angrier.

It’s time to dream of the extraordinary.
This is no time for small assed dreams.

Ignite the Light Fantastic of creativity and look how quickly bravery and will take over. Then momentum swings in and voila- you’re at the cash register at Michael’s with new pencils and a coloring book, or a moleskin journal.

Creativity is your ticket to ride the storm out. It’s the new swing dance craze taking over the Savoy Ballroom- because right now- there is no other way than to dance out of the darkness. Lightning has hit.

It helps not to do this hero’s journey alone. To have a dance partner or several- someone to wink and nod and say: I’m doing it too.  But, remember, in history, there have been plenty of light dancers who have gone it alone.  At the core, your partner has to be you, no one can move your feet for you.

The first creative step is the first step out of sadness and hopelessness.  It means everything and it’s all you’ve got.