I Cain't Say No!

One step to move stress out of your body, mind and energy is to take a hard look at yourself.   Stress can come about because we take on too much, are trying to please too many people or are working too hard.  If you begin by looking clearly and without judgement at yourself- then you have a chance to conquer the road to a life with less stress.

Why can't I say No?  Who do I truly value in my life? How can I organize my time effectively so I'm not working all the time?

When you are asked to do something extra, let's say for work- what does the project do to advance your current situation?  If you are self employed, you just say no- it doesn't serve your goals.  But If you have an employer and your job depends on accepting the new project, then it's a different story.  Look at other work projects that can pause and say no to them- there are things you can eliminate if you look hard enough.

Who are your friends?  Do they lift you up, support you and encourage your success without judgement?  Or, do they expect you to do the same old things- drink bad wine, talk about obscure French films until 4am on a Wednesday?  Sometimes friendships have to end.  Ask yourself if this person lifts, supports and encourages you.  If they no longer do, then allow them to gracefully move out of your life.

Organize your time.  Prioritize.  Make a planner.  Buy a planner.  Download a free planner.  Stick to it like a cheap spandex dress.  Put a time to each task- put a timer on your phone.  Be sure to put exercise, meditation and FUN in there.  Yes...FUN.  When a tasks time is up.  Stop.  That's it.  Day done- no judgement if you didn't cross everything off the page.