The Road of Desperate Seeking

Do you crave Acknowledgment?  When you’re done with a creative project, do you go looking for it?

Let's be honest- we love it when it happens.  To be acknowledged by our peers, fans, social media followers feels down-right good. 

We like to be shown right, we fall in thrall with the sound of our applause: Bravo!  It’s the confidence shot, proof that what you do does matter.  You have been heard, you are not a hopeless artist living in a self-involved bubble.

It’s the artist's quest for the acknowledged connection.

Searching outside you for acknowledgement leads down a road of desperate seeking.  How often do we check our Facebook Live videos to see how many people have watched it?  I know I do- I caught myself checking for the eight time in one day...

This quest down acknowledge road never ends- even when you are fed (wow! 800 people have seen my video!)- the craving comes back again and again.  Slowly and surely it eats away at the most precious gift: your time.

Turn the mirror on you.  Ask yourself:

Did I follow my dream?

Did I give voice to my soul?

Am I content?

When and if you answer Yes, then what is this craving acknowledgement really for?  Do you need to be acknowledged? When you are dead and gone- will it make a difference to you? 

Celebrate your creation.  Be in thrall with you.  At the most basic starting point, create simply because you are alive to do it.  You have the time to do it.  You have the strength to do it.   Now, listen for the inside sound of clapping- your heartbeat.

Then do it all again.

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